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Hello there, I'm Sam, 17 and photography is my passion. I'm just a girl who wishes to travel the world and share my experiences.




Alastair Humphreys - Microadventures: Sleep on a Hill

Are you bored of your 9-5? Think you got no time for adventure, for challenges, for exploring the wilderness? Well, what about your 5-9, the sixteen hours when you leave work in the evening ‘till you have to be back again in the morning? Here’s an idea, when you leave work tonight, jump on a train out of town, go climb a mountain, and sleep on the summit.

Reblogging myself because I need the reminder.

Work 9-5? Remember to live 5-9

Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

self portraits #2

The Photographer


You see a photographer knows that you cannot frame creativity. Musicians orchestrate sounds you call it music. Poets organize words and you call it a poem. But a photographer is a composer of time and space. He, Or SHE knows that when capturing a moment you only have one shot. After that that moment will cease to exist. We see beauty in the everyday. That is what distinguishes us from the rest.